Wound Healing Impairments

  1. Insufficient blood flow
  2. Malnutrition
  3. Diabetes / metabolism disorders
  4. Sepsis / additional inflammations

The wound healing impairments are sorted by the frequency of their occurence in geriatric departments.


There is another wound healing impairment, which was not mentioned yet:

Improper treatment

This can cause wounds that could heal to remain chronic. These wounds are often concealed and result from ignorance and helplessness - naturally, this wound healing impairment cannot be remedied in the patient, but only in the person treating the wound.

Insufficient blood flow

Body region


Possible countermeasures


arterial stenosis

improvement of blood flow by microstimulation, micromassage


arterial occlusion

surgical intervention and improvememnt of blood flow by microstimulation, micromassage

other body regions

immobility, little activity, heart and circulation are on one level, there is no need to overcome gravity

mobilisation; if impossible, improvement of blood flow by microstimulation, micromassage


too high or too long pressure

pressure relief by pressure distribution, repositioning, increase of patientīs pressure resistance by micromassage that improves blood flow



Often the energy need of a patient is unknown. Thus the patient is underprovided with nutrients because of the fear of "overfeeding". Frequently the patient hasnīt got sufficient manual abilities or enough help. Pain and trouble swallowing during food intake make patients feel not like eating, too.
Determine need for energy and nutrients with the help of a diet specialist. The calculation aid "Appropriate Nutrition" printed on the next pages may also be a good help. Provide tasty and varied foods and drinks, prepare readily cut pieces if required, nutrition supplements, protein and vitamin preparations, etc.

Diabetes / metabolism disorders

Disorders in metabolism, mostly caused by wrong nutrition, as a rule lead to a damage of the arteries (e.g. arterial sclerosis) and the tissue (e.g. diabetic gangrene). Unlike for example inflammations, a metabolic disorder is in most cases the cause for the development of chronic wounds.
Beside an appropriate diet there must be a specific medication (e.g. insuline).

Sepsis / additional inflammations

Infectious diseases are always a severe assault. If a wound has developed, also inapparent proceeded infections can undermine the immunological system, impair the healing process and can turn away the whole metabolism transport from the wound, which is thereby underprovided.
Therefore in the case of chronic wounds you have to make a medical diagnosis with a view to sepsis/inflammations, also if typical symptomes havenīt come to appearance (e.g. during incubation). In this case you have to start a prematurely and specific treatment with antibiotics.