Wound Healing Prevention
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Skin-deep wounds
Deep wounds
Deep wounds with underminings
Deep wounds with narrow opening
Arterial ulcus cruris
Venous ulcus cruris
Arterial-venous ulcus cruris
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"Cutting instructions: prevention - positioning - hygiene"
Wound protection in patients with rectal incontinence   Fixation

Rectal incontinence is a sensitive issue. While urine incontinence can be controlled well with urine drainage systems, rectal incontinence usually is unpleasant to handle, stressful to the skin and hard to keep away from wounds in the sacral region.

Here are some possibilities, with subjective marks by the author.


The fixation of LIGASANO® white always has to be permeable to air, never occlusive

Here are some possibilities, with subjective marks by the author.

The LIGASANO® - Therapy   

Knowledge and experience of recent date in the way how to deal with chronic wounds have shown that the single treatment of the wound is often not sufficient. In this way we sseked for solutions to improve resp. to abolish the wound healing impairments by stimulating the normal body functions.
Therefore the LIGASANO® - Therapy comes in being.
The wound isnīt regarded in an isolated way. The wound environment, even the whole person, is incorporated into all phases of wound healing. Not only the symptoms but the causes are treated!

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